Can’t decide between Godiva's beautiful Sablés biscuits? Enjoy the ultimate selection with this assortment box. Containing 18 delicious biscuits, a combination of Almond Speculoos, Macadamia Ginger and Ultimate Chocolate varieties, the Sablés assortment box beats the biscuit tin hands down. Each Sablés biscuit has been half-coated in the finest Belgian chocolate – glossy dark chocolate for Ultimate Chocolate and smooth milk chocolate for Almond Speculoos and Macadamia Ginger. This luscious layer makes them an exquisite treat for chocolate lovers. Whether you’re inviting someone special round for tea, or just fancy enjoying a better biscuit with your tea or coffee, Sablés are the perfect choice. Or why not give a beautiful sky blue box as a gift? The vintage-style hot air balloon design makes a Sablés assortment special enough for any occasion.
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Brand Godiva
Pack Size 180g